In a small market, appealing to an even tinier niche might not be the best idea, but WXP seems to have taken this niche over completely with Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball. If you have ever played tournament paintball (and I have, lots of times) you will instantly recognize the speedball fields provided as typical of the genre. There is a mix of inflated fields, pipes, and small woodsy fields with multiple bunkers. Aside from target practice or some open-field woodsball games, this game pretty much covers most of the play styles available to tournament paintball players. A variety of equipment is included, which you can purchase through your winnings. Rich kids won’t get any equipment advantage here!

The moves are typical FPS – duck, peek, prone, reload, etc. The only thing missing is the blood (yellow paintballs are used throughout). The use of a goggle-shaped screen is nice too. I was a bit put off by the option to cheat, and the lack of bounces, but despite them the game was still good. Although the available equipment is dated, it was pretty current when the game was released. The repetitive nature of the small tournament fields gets old fast, but that’s unfortunately realistic. After all, how many unusual football fields or baseball diamonds do you see in video games?

The numbers:

  • Historical Authenticity: 9 out of 10
  • Graphical Realism: 8 out of 10
  • Audio Realism: 8 out of 10
  • User Interface: 7 out of 10
  • Tactical Gameplay: 8 out of 10
  • Mission Design: 4 out of 10
  • Mission Replayability: 3 out of 10
  • Single-Player: 5 out of 10
  • Multiplayer: 5 out of 10
  • AI: 5 out of 10

Overall: 62 out of 100 – Not your usual “paint’em up” shooter, this game does have enough variety to challenge and distract those jaded by traditional FPS games.

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