Although this game is not technically an FPS (you can’t get either a true first-person or even a third-person perspective), it gives you pretty much the same effect. The level of realism is decent, as you would expect from a game that was initially developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army to be used for training squad leaders. Not only are weapons and equipment modeled accurately, the terrain and training are also authentic to the infantry.

In single-player mode, this game puts you in command of two fire teams, like the earlier Ghost Recon. Unlike the earlier game, however, Full Spectrum Warrior has many commands for each of your two fire teams (of the correct four soldiers each, instead of three), and you can also give orders to specific individuals. Like the real Army, you don’t get to outfit your soldiers with any mix of weapons you want. With emphasis on completing the mission, avoiding casualties and recovering wounded soldiers, this game is also true to Army doctrine. Despite the linear missions, instant healing of casualties at aid stations, and the inability of soldiers to enter buildings or climb over small piles of rubble, the game has a very realistic feel.

Overall: 73 out of 100  – This game gives you that feeling of  “being there”. Well worth the money.

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