As a creative director, my primary focus is on design and production, although I have also served in game writing, community management, and other areas of game development.

World of Wargames

As Director of Product Vision for Wargaming.Net, I have contributed directly to World of Tanks (2012), World of Warplanes (2013), World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition (2013), World of Tanks: Blitz (2014), World of Tanks: Generals (2015), World of Warships (2015), and Master of Orion (TBD), as well as several other unannounced projects.

World of Tanks

World of Warplanes
World of Warships
World of Tanks: Generals

Master of Orion

Order of War

I worked on Order of War for Wargaming.Net, published by Square Enix. For this project I wrote thousands of lines of dialogue, scripted cutscenes and videos, designed mission overviews, created hundreds of barks, edited the user interface, developed scenario content, and wrote user documentation and reference data . This game was released in 2009 and followed by an expansion (Order of War: Challenge) in 2010.

Operation Luttich video (10MB, AVI)
Operation Luttich video script, first draft (30KB, MS Word)
US Voice Feedback spreadsheet, first draft (32KB, XLS)

Twilight War

For Smiling Gator Productions’ Twilight War: After the Fall massively multiplayer online game project I assisted in the creation of design documents and worked on systems design. I was also responsible for community management and overseeing the official website for the game. Since the game has not been released (and appears to have been shelved), I cannot provide portions of the GDD, specifications, or other planning documents.

America’s Army

For the U.S. Army’s America’s Army: Soldiers roleplaying game project I worked on interface and scenario design, wrote and edited dialogue and backstory, developed user documents and knowledgebases, and verified the authenticity of the product. For the America’s Army: Operations first-person shooter project, I wrote the user manual and online help system and evaluated the game for historical accuracy. I also administered the community forums and assisted with the beta testing program.

America’s Army: Operations User Reference (9MB PDF, 230 pages)
America’s Army: Soldiers Video Script (15KB PDF, 5 pages)
America’s Army: Soldiers “Letters Home” (24KB PDF, 6 pages)

Panzer Elite

For Wings Simulations and Psygnosis, I wrote and researched both the user manual and the accompanying historical reference guide for their World War II armored combat simulation, Panzer Elite. I also ran their beta testing program in North America and validated the authenticity and accuracy of missions.

On Tank Warfare (3MB PDF, 122 pages)

Analog Games

I wrote a set of World War II miniatures rules scaled so that one miniature soldier or vehicle represented one actual soldier or vehicle. The rules were nominated for an Origins Award in 2003. The following sample is the entire rulebook, as published.

Sturmtruppen World War II Miniatures Rules (9MB PDF, 176 pages)

If you attended the IGDA members-only party at GDC 2008, you played a game I designed! I was responsible for the social networking card game played by over 1,500 game developers at that party! You can download the game cards below.

IGDA Party Game (6MB, Zipped, 30 JPGs)

This is an unpublished fantasy boardgame I wrote over 20 years ago called City-States. The following samples are the entire core rulebook and a complete rules supplement covering oceans and deserts. The unique boards and counters are not included.

City-States (1.5MB PDF, 26 pages)
Sea and Sand (642KB PDF, 15 pages)