“Chris exemplifies the role of ‘leader’ in an organization. Through my work with Chris I witnessed how easily he surpassed the highest expectations set forth- from both above and below. His candid approach allowed staff and students to receive equal opportunity and earned the respect of everyone with whom he interacted. All this he accomplished while perform the duties of a Program Manager, four Department Chairs, and Professor for the mid-degree project class. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with and learned from Chris.”

Lee Wood
Program Manager, Game Design Online
Full Sail University

“Chris is an incredible teacher, with an eye for detail. He took the time to understand my handicap, and worked with me on it, even taking time to recommend additional writing from one of my favorite Authors on how he writes. Recently I got to meet Chris in person, and am more impressed with him and his natural mentoring skills. I highly recommend Chris as a designer, or a teacher.”

Will Jones
Full Sail University

“Chris was an exemplary student – his work was of the highest quality and he was always willing to help the other students. His game design, project management and writing background, along with the discipline and can-do attitude, makes him a great addition to any game development team, whether as a producer, designer or writer.”

Cliff Kamida
National University

“I worked directly with Chris on the development of in-game videos on Order of War, a World War II real-time strategy game, where Chris was the scriptwriter and historical consultant. His assistance was always invaluable, comprehensive, and timely. His comments were very helpful, and there were often critical factors that Chris alone was able to provide. Working with Chris was awesome. He is accurate, cooperative, and possesses am encyclopedic knowledge of military history. It was a pleasure to work with such an intelligent person, who also has a good sense of humor!”

Paul Belevich
General Manager, Product Vision

“Chris did exemplary work for us at Smiling Gator. He kept the community up to date on the latest news via our Web site, stirred up the fan’s before we had new information to release, while keeping a tight reign over the forum rules. Chris was also instrumental in helping with game design and often offered a fresh perspective. Independent and trust worthy, he was always a pleasure to work with.”

Kingsley Montgomery
VP of Development
Smiling Gator Productions

“Chris has this charisma about him that gets him the research detail he needs to complete any project. I’ve specifically worked with him on some writing projects while he was at the Army [Game Project] and I must say it was an absolute pleasure. Chris always had a concise and intuitive way of explaining and instructing that made the recipient relaxed and comfortable, if not confident as well. It is an art form to be able to explain technical details with such prowess and aplomb, and Chris epitomizes these attributes to a tee. I would gladly work with Chris in any capacity as he is a consummate professional and truly appreciates his work and directives.”

Adam Vener

“[Chris’] background knowledge was far superior to anyone we have seen. After contacting him and meeting him in person he was key for our military research, manual and advice on how certain things should work in the game. I can highly recommend him for any military game or project!

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

Teut Wiedemann
Managing Director
Wings Simulations

“Chris’ organizational skills and ability to balance priorities are real assets in this fast-paced environment. In addition to being very structured in his approach to projects, he can almost always find a better way to do things. This makes the whole team more efficient…

Chris takes responsibility seriously, works very efficiently, and always meets deadlines. He is a highly motivated self-starter who makes important contributions based on the concept of continuous improvement. One of his most unique performance attributes is flexibility and willingness to respond to and initiate change.”

Catherine Donroe
InfoDev Manager
Computershare, Inc.